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Character Name: Yasha
Character Canon: Asura's Wrath
Canon point: Episode 15: A New Cause


Yasha, one of the Seven Deities, is the God of Melancholy and Sadness. He's the brother to Durga, Goddess of Victory and perhaps the only deity to match Asura's wrath. Yasha is also the uncle to Mithra, the daughter of Asura and Durga and also the acting Priestess of Shinkoku. Under Emperor Strada's rule, Yasha and the other Eight Guardian Generals battled against dark spirits known as the "Gohma" in hopes of purifying Gaea from its evil taint. However, all of the campaigns they fought together against the vile creatures always ended in defeat. Peace never lasted on Gaea long, much due to the presence of the malevolent spirit known as “Vlitra”. The Vlitra is a being that manifests the Gohma from earth's soil. It acts solely for the purpose of destruction and will stop at nothing until the entire world itself is engulfed in its hatred. All life would've been forfeit if it hadn't been for the eight celestial deities, however their efforts always seemed to be in vain. Their constant war with the Gohma lowered the moral of their leader, Deus, who realized that Emperor Strada's tactics in handling the Gohma wouldn't ensure everlasting peace. In a devious scheme to achieve this peace, the Priestess was kidnapped and her family killed by the very people they once deemed as friends. Yasha becomes an unwilling conspirator in this heinous plot but despite how much he may have disagreed with the gods' tactics, Yasha decides to put his family above “The Cause”.

However, his decision certainly caused him much grief once his sister was murdered by Deus' henchmen and fellow deity, Sergei. Despite the role he played in the death of Durga, Yasha pinned all of his hate on Asura for her death in order to validate his motives. He told his former friend that he placed the Cause above their own happiness, willingly allowing for Deus to sacrifice his loved ones for the sake of peace. This of course infuriated Asura. Their argument soon leads to a confrontation that would begin to put in motion for Yasha's rebellion against the Seven Deities.

Once Asura was defeated and killed by his hands, Yasha begins to doubt the mortality of the gods. They seemed too eager to spill blood for the sake of the Cause, going as far as to “purify” entire villages and cities for the sake of mantra. Mantra is the life giving energy that bestows great and terrifying powers to the demigods. With the mantra, the impossible can become possible and it's the only force powerful enough to stop the Vlitra in its tracks. It was once believed that the only way to obtain mantra was from the prayers of the believers. However as the tale progressed, the demigods devised a plan to harvest the mantra faster by “purifying” or rather, sacrificing the humans and converting their souls into mantra. This wicked deed was all done in the name of their Cause which is also known as “The Great Rebirth”. They hoped to use the mantra to fuel their ultimate weapon, the Brahmastra to defeat Vlitra once and for all. While their deeds were noble at best, their action caused Yasha much grief as he watched the suffering of their believers.

Everything that the Seven Deities worked so hard to achieve begins to unravel at their feet by Asura's hands, leaving Yasha to question whether or not what they've done was right. Yasha's waning allegiance with the Seven Deities causes him to rebel and focus his misdirected hatred on them. It's then that the God of Melancholy forsakes his title of “deity” and joins Asura's side as his friend and brother once more. For the sake of Mithra's happiness and for an end to the madness, Yasha now fights in the name of those who've been lost.


While all the Demigods are powerful in their own right, Yasha tends to be less about power and more about speed and agility. He's the fastest of the Eight Guardian Generals and perhaps one of the deadliest opponents anyone could face. Yasha's movements are so fast that he sometimes can vanish completely from view almost as if he's teleporting. His speed gives him an amazing but sometimes unfair edge over his opponents. There's literally no one who can match his speed other than his fellow gods. Asura, his rival, seems to be the only individual capable of matching Yasha completely in speed and endurance. However, admittedly Yasha is definitely the weaker of the two. His movement ranges from blinding speed to gravity defying leaps, and in some cases he can even fly.

Besides his blazing speed, Yasha is capable of launching boomerang-like shaped light beams at his opponents from a distance. This magic he uses and undoubtedly linked with the mantra he consumes as a deity. While it's safe to say that Yasha wouldn't squander the souls and prayers of seven trillion people, Yasha sometimes does have to revert to this kind of magic. It's uncertain what sort of energy these beams are exactly, but they are something linked to electricity most likely. They move as quickly as a summer breeze but tend to slice as efficiently as a blade.

While his strength and powers are quite amazing, Yasha is far from invincible. He is a very impressive fighter, don't get me wrong but Yasha isn't the strongest there amongst his fellow deities. Asura probably takes the lead in that department, followed by Deus who is a close second. Yet while considering Yasha to not be as powerful as the other deities, that doesn't mean that his skill alone wouldn't overwhelm anyone who isn't a god. It's just that in the hierarchy of power, Yasha definitely doesn't get a gold star but he's definitely proficient at what he does.


Typically, Yasha is quite calm and reserved with a slight flair of arrogance in his demeanor. Yet, Yasha is perhaps one of the few Gods who visibly seem shaken by the deeds done to Asura and his family. Try as he might to come to terms with what was done, Yasha finds himself swaying away from the ideals of the "Cause" and assisting Asura in his path of vengeance. Obliviously devastated by the role he played in the death of his sister, Yasha begun to don a golden mask in order to hide his emotions. It wasn't until Asura shattered his mask that Yasha's true feelings shows. He vows to avenge both Durga's death and atone for the crimes he committed, showcasing his righteous and kind nature. Even before he joins Asura's side against the deities, Yasha seems discontent and disturbed by the violent nature of his comrades. It's because of the deities' cold-blood tactics that Yasha felt the need to hide his sorrow under that golden mask.

In further details regarding his time amongst the Seven Deities, Yasha disliked the methods of "purification" that his fellow gods performed upon the helpless people of Gaea. Any town or village besieged by the Gohma would be instantly destroyed by the gods, allowing them to reap the souls of the fallen in order to power their super weapon, the Brahmastra. Yasha followed along with this devious ploy despite honestly finding the entire idea to be morally callous. However, once Olga carelessly wastes billions of human souls to defeat Asura; Yasha's allegiance with the Seven Deities wanes quickly. He soon realizes that the power that they squandered effortlessly matched the same power that Asura possessed, but without the need for human souls. He then challenges Deus and his ideals in a match that was nearly his undoing. Now believing that the power Asura possessed could challenge that of Vlitra, Yasha vehemently cut all ties with the Gods and joins Asura in saving Mithra.

Beyond his duty, Yasha is a fierce warrior with a fearless disposition. He'll stop at nothing to win, even going as far as to sacrifice himself to ensure his victory. Yasha is just as brutal as Asura when it comes down to combat, but he tends to be more rational and level-headed unlike his companion. His movements are always well calculated and precise, leaving very little room for his opponents to overpower him. He's a tactician in combat, a strategist whose completely adept in combat all thanks to Lord Deus who was once his mentor. While he is prone to bouts of anger here and there, especially if induced by Asura, Yasha is usually quite even tempered and composed.

RP Sample: Above within these majestic blue skies was a fleet of airships hovering above the war torn earth. These ships hailed from the furthermost reaches of heaven acting as the chariots to the "Gods". They dotted the bright sky with their ominous shadow, shunning the brilliance of the sun with their sheer size. Those who watched from below huddled in either fear or awe as the fleet passed by. These magnificently crafted ships were once a symbol of hope and prosperity, but now served as a frightful reminder to all those who still lived on the ground. As the ships sailed through a cluster of multicolored clouds, Yasha watched quietly from the comfort of the main hall. Once again Lord Deus saw it right to call for the "purification" of the lands below, this time choosing to send Yasha to accompany this expedition. Grimacing silently at the thought of staining his hands once again, Yasha's gloomy gaze settled upon the monitor once more. Today's target appeared upon the screen once the ships flew past the mountain range. It was a large city this time one that could rival that of Shinkoku's brilliance.

Reminded of the air raids he once joined in the past, Yasha clutched the golden mask in his hands tightly as he eyed the screen. "Just how many more must die--" He muttered under his breath. "Before we are satisfied?" Not at all anxious to see this once prosperous city be turned into a pile of rubble, Yasha turned his gaze over towards the next monitor. There he saw what seemed to be a horde of flying beasts darting in and out of the clouds. It was the Gohma.

"So they have come at last." The Demigod grumbled as he placed on his mask. "The numbers of these impure beasts know no end. They grow and grow in there numbers, almost as if our efforts to thwart them means nothing." A gruff growl escaped him and his fists tighten. "What is the point to all this madness if there's no end in sight? Just how many more must perish?" While pondering the answer to that question, Yasha walked out of the main hall and towards the decks below. As determined as he was to ensure peace for Gaea and its people, the Demigod was beginning to question his allegiance to this cause. One of the main reasons why he even agreed to such tactics in the first place was because of all the faith he placed in Lord Deus and the Brahmastra. If they could somehow complete the Karma Fortress in its entirety, then the Brahmastra would be strong enough to end Vlitra, the Core of the Gohma, once and for all. However, such a feat was close to impossible given all the set backs the Gods have faced up till this pivotal point.

Then there's Asura...

Yasha gritted his teeth in anger as he thought about the fallen god. How could it be possible for someone like Asura to possess a power that rivals that of the Brahmastra? That's a question that plagues Yasha the most regarding the wrathful god. Was Lord Deus correct in believing that reaping the souls of the believers was the only way to subdue the Planet's Will?

Yasha let out another sigh.

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